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Strengthening Teams, Transforming Culture

The Collective Mind Team

Abby Beauchamp


Abby Beauchamp, serving as the CLO, is the driving force behind setting the leadership pace within our organization. As our principal facilitator, Abby specializes in delivering the Evolve Assessment, leveraging her extensive background in holistic health and neurological upgrades to foster transformative growth. Abby's leadership is characterized by her profound understanding of how organizations can achieve significant upgrades through enhanced team leadership and synergy. Her approach seamlessly blends scientific insight with practical strategies, ensuring that our program not only enlightens but also empowers teams to reach their full potential.

Kelly Shaw


Kelly Shaw is known for her powerful leadership and brings to the table years of deep understanding as a cultural change agent in her profit and non-profit career. Her expertise in managing transitions in the workplace is unparalleled. Kelly's approach is rooted in shaping a healing-centered corporate culture through group training designed to foster an environment where teams can thrive. She brings an integrative approach to seeing the entire full picture of an organization and how to move it into transformation. Her commitment to cultivating a supportive and empowering work environment makes her an invaluable resource for organizations looking to enhance their team dynamics, resilience, and overall productivity.

Anne Dussell


Anne Dussell enriches your team with her extensive experience in navigating traditional ("old guard") leadership styles and possesses a deep understanding of the essential evolution towards a new paradigm of leadership focused on stress regulation and empowerment. As our lead trainer for BreatheFIT and Neuroactivations, Anne's passion lies in the delivery of neuroactivation techniques grounded in breathwork. Her approach is designed to help your team slow down, connect, and build resilience. Through her expert guidance, Anne demonstrates how integrating breathwork and neuroactivation practices into the workplace can foster an environment of enhanced well-being, improved focus, and increased productivity. Her commitment to teaching these techniques illustrates her belief in the transformative power of mindful practices in developing resilient and empowered teams, poised to meet the challenges of the modern work environment with grace and strength.

KK Taylor


When it comes to mastering the concept of flow, KK stands out as the flow and relaxation leader. With years of expertise in the transformative principle of "slow down to speed up," KK is our distinguished expert in relaxation techniques and their profound impact on productivity. Her approach is centered around the belief that by encouraging teams to embrace a flow pace, they can significantly enhance their synergy and overall output. KK's training sessions redefine productivity through the lens of mindfulness and deliberate pacing. She teaches that slowing down allows for a more meaningful connection among team members, leading to improved communication, collaboration, and ultimately, superior performance. Her insights and techniques are pivotal for organizations aiming to foster a culture where efficiency is achieved not through hastening but through harmonizing the pace of work with the natural rhythms of the team.

Hillary Welles


Hillary Welles plays a pivotal role in the development of our leadership upgrades, BreatheFIT, and holistic movement programs. As the head of the BreatheFIT program, Hillary infuses an incredible amount of heart and passion into facilitating community building through this innovative approach. Her dedication to integrating breathwork and movement into leadership and personal development strategies marks a significant contribution to our organization's ethos. Hillary's commitment extends beyond mere program management; she actively fosters an environment where participants can connect, grow, and thrive together. Through her guidance, the BreatheFIT program has become a cornerstone of our community-building efforts, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being in achieving personal and collective goals. Hillary's influence ensures that the program not only enhances physical and mental resilience but also cultivates a sense of belonging and support among participants, reinforcing the foundation of our collective culture.

Isa Dinerman


Isa Dinerman is a vital asset to our team, serving as the expert in forging sales connections and nurturing relationships. Isa brings a wealth of experience from her background in direct sales and community building. Her unique skill set offers us an incredible opportunity to strengthen relationships, which is essential for fostering a collective culture within our organization.

Susanna Andrews


Susanna Andrews brings to the Positive Evolution Consulting team a powerful expertise in removing subconscious blocks, reprogramming emotional intelligence, and shifting subconscious behaviors into more conscious, intentional dynamics. With a profound understanding of human emotions and a passion for fostering personal and organizational growth, Susanna leverages her skills to help individuals and teams unlock their full potential, creating a more cohesive, productive, and harmonious work environment.

Dr. Julie Verfurth


Dr. Julie brings to the Positive Evolution Consulting team years of deep understanding of the functional capacity of the body to achieve true health. Through her naturopathic practice and the study of neuroactivations, Julie offers a powerful blend of insightful information on breaking the stress cycle and repairing the body, mind, and emotions. Her holistic approach integrates physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance, making her an invaluable asset in promoting overall well-being within organizations.

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